Mistusinne Bylaws, Permits & Policies



Section One - Operation of Council and Committees

Section Two - Personnel

Section Three - Services

Section Four - Recreation




Overnight use of the Green Space 




Public Notice Policy Bylaw No. 06-21 - bylaw to establish a public notice policy

Code of Ethics Bylaw No. 05-21 - bylaw to establish a code of ethics for Council members

Fire Control Bylaw - Bylaw No. 04-21 - bylaw setting minimum standards for the control of fire pits, chimineas, wood stoves, fireplaces, etc.

Assessment and Taxation Information Fee Bylaw - Bylaw No. 03-21 - provides for fees to be charged for tax certificate and/or tax & assessment information

Destruction of Documents Bylaw - Bylaw No. 02-21 - setting out a records retention and disposal schedule

Repealing Bylaw - Bylaw No. 01-21 - repealing outdated bylaws

WaterWolf Planning District Agreement - Bylaw No. 03-20 - provides for an agreement regarding the establishment of the WaterWolf Planning District

Fire Protection Agreement - Bylaw No. 02-20 - provides for an agreement with the Village of Elbow for fire protection services

General Election - Bylaw No. 01-20 - sets mail-in ballot procedures, and methods of posting notices related to all municipal elections

Sewage - Bylaw No. 01-19 - regulates the installation of septic holding tanks and pump out practices

Emergency Measurers Organization - Bylaw No. 04-18 - bylaw establishing an EMO to deal with any emergency or disaster that may occur

Lagoon Usage Agreement with Elbow - Bylaw No. 03-18 - bylaw to enter into an agreement with the Village of Elbow for use of their Lagoon for 2019-2028

Building Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 02-18 - bylaw to amend the Building Bylaw to include a section on fabric covered buildings

Expenditure Authorization - Bylaw No. 02-17 - bylaw to pay certain accounts outside of Council Meetings (payroll, utilities, education property tax)

Council Remuneration - Bylaw No. 01-17 - bylaw settig out Council's annual remeration

Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 04-16 - bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw to include secondary living quarters standards and definitions

Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 03-16 - bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw to make changes to boulevard parking and driveways

Council Procedures Bylaw - Bylaw No. 01-16 - bylaw to regulate the proceedings of Council and Committees

Beach Bylaw - Bylaw No. 03-15 - bylaw for the protection of the beach & it's users

Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw - Bylaw No. 02-15 - bylaw to regulate the use of garbage, recycle, and construction waste

Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 01-15 - bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw setting the maximum floor area for scondary living quarters

Non-Potable Water Rate Bylaw - Bylaw No. 06-13 - bylaw setting the rate for non-potable water

Base Tax Bylaw - Bylaw No. 05-13 - bylaw setting the base tax

WaterWolf District Plan Bylaw - Bylaw No. 03-13 - bylaw adopting the WaterWolf Growth Management Plan

Assessment Appeal Fees Bylaw - Bylaw No. 02-13 - bylaw setting out the fee to appeal an assessment

Building Bylaw - Bylaw No. 01-12 - bylaw setting out the requirement for building permits under The Uniform Building and Accessbiity Standards Act

Debenture Bylaw - Bylaw No. 04-11 -  bylaw to provide for borrowing for the irrigation water project

Tax Incentive & Penalty Bylaw - Bylaw No. 03-11 - bylaw setting the penalty on tax arrears and the discount for early payment

Zoning Byaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 02-11 - bylaw amending the Zoning Bylaw R1- Residential District standards

Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 09-10 - bylaw amending the Zoning Bylaw regarding minor variances, hot tubs, map updates, and general upddates of a housekeeping nature

Official Community Plan - Bylaw No. 08-10 - bylaw to provide goals, objectives and policies to guide the development and use of land

Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 07-10 - bylaw amendming the Zoning Bylaw R1- Residential District standards

Fireworks Bylaw - Bylaw No. 05-10 - bylaw regulating the use of fireworks

Dog Bylaw - Bylaw No. 02-10 - bylaw regulating the running at large of dogs

Zoning Bylaw - Bylaw No. 05-09 - bylaw to to control the use of land so as to provide for the health, safety, amenities and general welfare of the residents of the Resort Village of Mistusinne

        Zoning District Maps

Official Community Plan - Bylaw No. 04-09 provides a framework guide and evaluate future development within the municipality

Boat Launch Bylaw - Bylaw No. 09-08 - bylaw regulating the use of the boat launch

Snowmobile Bylaw - Bylaw No. 13-07 - bylaw regulating the use of snowmobiles

Overweight Commercial Vehicles Bylaw - Bylaw No. 12-07 - bylaw regulating the use of overweight commercial vehicles

Non-licensed Motorized Vehicles & Licensed Motorcycles Bylaw - Bylaw No. 11-07 - bylaw regulating the use of non-licensed motorized vehicles & licensed motorcycles

Speed Limit Bylaw - Bylaw No. 07-07 - bylaw regulating the speed limit in the Resort Village

General Penalty Bylaw Amendment - Bylaw No. 05-07 - bylaw amending the General Penalty Bylaw No. 2/82

Off-site Sand Point Bylaw - Bylaw No. 02-06 - bylaw regulating off-site sand point wells

Capital Trust Bylaw - Bylaw No. 08-05 - bylaw creating a Capital Trust Fund

Administrative Bylaw - Bylaw No. 07-05 - bylaw to provide for the administration of the municipal corporation

Nuisance Bylaw - Bylaw No. 05-05 - bylaw to provide for the abatement of nuisances, including property

Size of Council Bylaw - Bylaw No. 03-05 - bylaw to provide for the size of Council

House Numbering Bylaw - Bylaw No. 01-03 - bylaw to provide for the numbering of properties

Dispense Mailing Assessment Notices Bylaw - Bylaw No. 1/93 - bylaw authorizing not mailing assessment notices when there is no change

Noise Bylaw - Bylaw No. 4/86 - bylaw to regulate noise

Resort Village of Mistusinne Bylaw - Bylaw No. 1/86 - bylaw incorporating all "Village of Mistusinne" bylaws into bylaws of the Resort Vilage of Mistusinne

Motor Vehicle Act Bylaw - Bylaw No. 2/85 - bylaw incorporating the Saskatchewan Vehicles Act on all Mistusinne property

Operation of Vehicles Byalw - Bylaw No. 10/83 - bylaw regulating the operation of vehicles

General Penalty Bylaw - Bylaw No. 2/82 - bylaw setting out the applicable fine if it is not provided elsewhere

Voters List Bylaw - Bylaw No. 1/82 - bylaw to dispense with the preparation of a voters list


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Official Community Plan
Zoning Bylaw
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